New AHDB Webinars

  • The AHDB is holding two special webinars exploring the impact of EU Exit on the ornamentals industry.
  • Wayne Brough, Knowledge Exchange Manager for ornamentals, has brought experts together from across the industry to talk to growers.
  • Wayne says, “while Britain has now left the EU, there are still aspects of the agreement that are yet to be fully resolved and issues are raised almost daily. We felt it was important to give growers the opportunity to speak to experts from AHDB, Defra and the NFU, and hear the experiences of other growers.”
  • The two webinars will examine key areas for ornamental growers, moving plants around the EU and sourcing seasonal labour.
  • The first of these webinars is entitled EU Exit:- Impact on the ornamentals industry – trade agreements, plant movement and plant passporting; and will take place on Tuesday 09 March 2021, 14:00- 15:30. It will focus on the new trade agreements now in place and what they mean for business.
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  • The second webinar is entitled EU Exit:- Impact on the ornamentals industry, sourcing and retaining labour; and will take place on Tuesday the 16th of March 2021, 14.00 – 15.30. It will focus on the current ways of accessing seasonal labour, what the new rules for overseas labour mean for the industry and the future of app-based labour recruitment.

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Webinar – downy mildew control in column stocks

  • The CFC/AHDB will present a Webinar on Thursday the 21st January giving an update on the latest developments with downy mildew control in cut flower column stocks.
  • Join us to learn about the latest developments with downy mildew control in cut flower column stocks.
  • Column stocks are currently the main non-bulb, protected cut flower crop grown in the UK. Under conducive conditions, crops are susceptible to the pathogen which causes downy mildew (Peronospora parasitica). Previous outbreaks have shown how important it is to have a robust, but flexible disease control programme to keep crops clean.
  • In this webinar Selchuk Kurtev, Certis, will set the scene outlining the current regulatory situation for the cut flower industry with regards to the process of plant protection product approvals and EAMUs.
  • Lyndon Mason, the CFC Project Manager, will summarise the problem faced by the industry in terms of downy mildew and the trials undertaken to resolve the issue.
  • Selchuk will then provide his thoughts as to how spray programmes will need to develop in light of potential changes to the approval of various plant protection products.
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New Product Development (NPD) Webinar – 17th November 2020

As the first of an ongoing series of Webinars, the CFC and AHDB will be running a Webinar which will explore the NPD work of the CFC and look at the issues of developing new products from both a grower and a packer perspective.

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CFC 2020 trials update

In  light of the ongoing issues with Covid19 it has been decided to postpone the 2020 trials and move the 2020 workplan to 2021.  The AHDB have also agreed that the project can now be extended by a year which means that the current trials programme will now run until the end of 2023.  The website will still be updated with any topical or relevant information.