Field Grown Woody Cut Foliage crops Factsheet

  • Cut foliage comes in many forms, typically serving to add texture, colour, interest and bulk to bouquets and other floral arrangements. This information sheet covers field-grown, woody cut foliage crops and is augmented where possible by observations from the demonstration plantings at the CFC.
  • Download the Woody Foliage Factsheet.

Latest Factsheet on The Control Of Downy Mildew on Protected Column Stocks

Following on from the work that the CFC has undertaken with column stock growers relating to the issues with downy mildew in 2018 and the subsequent sensitivity trials at FERA, the CFC and AHDB have produced a detailed fact sheet giving information about the biology of the disease and how it can be managed by the use of both environmental and chemical solutions.

The factsheet can be accessed by clicking on the following link.

Downy mildew fact sheet web web version