New AHDB Webinars

  • The AHDB is holding two special webinars exploring the impact of EU Exit on the ornamentals industry.
  • Wayne Brough, Knowledge Exchange Manager for ornamentals, has brought experts together from across the industry to talk to growers.
  • Wayne says, “while Britain has now left the EU, there are still aspects of the agreement that are yet to be fully resolved and issues are raised almost daily. We felt it was important to give growers the opportunity to speak to experts from AHDB, Defra and the NFU, and hear the experiences of other growers.”
  • The two webinars will examine key areas for ornamental growers, moving plants around the EU and sourcing seasonal labour.
  • The first of these webinars is entitled EU Exit:- Impact on the ornamentals industry – trade agreements, plant movement and plant passporting; and will take place on Tuesday 09 March 2021, 14:00- 15:30. It will focus on the new trade agreements now in place and what they mean for business.
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  • The second webinar is entitled EU Exit:- Impact on the ornamentals industry, sourcing and retaining labour; and will take place on Tuesday the 16th of March 2021, 14.00 – 15.30. It will focus on the current ways of accessing seasonal labour, what the new rules for overseas labour mean for the industry and the future of app-based labour recruitment.

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